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Chapter Two: The Fat of the Land

A cattle feed lot maximizse economies of scale -- and the misery of the animals

"These, then, are the sources of our food; vast expanses of dead and toxic dirt, enormous warehouses 
of sick and suffering animals. From the fields come great mechanized rivers of grain, most of it for feeding to 
the sick animals, the rest to be fashioned by food engineers into Twinkies and Cheesies and Sugar Pops. From 
the slaughter houses come bins and slabs of flaccid meat injected with various embalming fluids devised by 
food engineers to hold it together and make it look natural and fresh until its expiration date. This is how we
get our food, just in time, from a vast fleet of cargo jets and 18-wheelers roaring through the night, drawing 
on a fuel lifeline that runs all the way to Arabia and is starting to suck air. This is how we have become a nation 
of obese, malnourished people about to be disconnected from their feeding tube."